What are these thoughts I cannot contain. Its cause of you I’m going insane. You. Yes, you with your brilliant smile. You with your unending laughter and beautiful eyes. Why you. Why not someone more…more obtainable. Someone to spend the summer nights and rainy days with. Someone I can keep forever, not just like how we commune through screens. I want something more than you can offer, something more than you can see. Cause now I’m fallen. We met by an unlikely accident, my tragic distractions. Now I can’t seem to untangle myself from you. It’s true, I’m going crazy cause of you.

A stupid obsession.
A steady consumption.
A terrible compilation.

You have managed to single handedly make my life hell, without even touching me. You. You have corrupted my files. Now all I see inside…is you. Too many feelings. Far too soon. Maybe it’s a phase. Let’s hope that’s true.


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