Out of order

This ones old but it’s still true

The thought was outrages but my heart felt week. It was as though everything had stopped, nothing seemed to serve a purpose anymore. The world had lost what small spark it had left, it was suddenly duller than usual. I must admit I never thought of the world as a suitable place for any one. With a limited supply of souls one could trust, all while harbouring such things as feelings. Calling it a disgrace or a disappointment would be considered too nice. But this, this was something different. Something one could not just pinpoint out of the blue but stuck like the elephant in the room. My head felt heavy and my body numb yet I felt a strange kind of physical pain. Maybe it was some sort of mood swing of the hormones or unbalance in the energies, I wasn’t sure. Or maybe it was some sort of sign from above that the end was yet to come. Whatever it may be, it didn’t seem to sit well with me. With the uneasy feeling settling itself somewhere deep in my brain, my body lend itself to the darkness, letting it consume me and wooing me into a deep sleep.



Welcome to my mindless rants and the inner workings of my (as of now) sixteen year old brain. Let’s cut to the chase, (cause starting posts are awkward) I needed a place to empty out my feelings. And I don’t like humans (no surprises there) so now you the people of the interwebs, you are my new audience.

PS: Let’s just say I don’t have the best grammar (or spelling but we have auto correct)

Yours truly,